day no. 12

Wow! Sorry for the delay and to leave things hanging!

Here’s the update!  The stage was finished right on time.  The site was cleaned up.  Tools and equipment were packed neatly into the trailer.  We cleaned ourselves up nicely and headed back to town for a stage dedication.  There was music, delicious local beer was flowing and there were many wonderful and supportive Ridgway residents who came out to celebrate!  Such a fantastic experience and way to close.  We sincerely thank everyone who was involved in making this possible and for the town of Ridgway for an opportunity that was truly life changing.  Proper thank you’s to follow soon.

Until then, please enjoy a few photos of the stage!



stage dedication copy



After we finished the stage, a few of us spent a week in Telluride.  On our drive home on Saturday, we stopped by to visit the stage. To our surprise, there was a band setting up and getting ready for the first show on our stage.  Felt pretty good! Hope that they enjoyed it and it was a great space to play!




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